sabato 20 giugno 2015

Building the Master Bedroom.

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The Master Bed (60m2) is the first unit to be built,
the pictures below are showing the preparation of the area
before receiving the prefab steel structural elements
to be assembled on site. 

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Day One

The building site is ready, 
today the prefab steel elements will be delivered
and we'll start building up 
the first of the four units:
The Master Bedroom.

8.00 h

10.00 h

11.00 h

 12.30 h

 14.00 h

 14.30 h

 15.00 h

 16.30 h

 17.00 h

17.30 h

17.30 h

 17.30 h

Day two

18.00 h

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Twelve

The steel shell is built and ready for wiring and pluming.

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Unit "C"
Master Bed Room, total Area 59,78m2

Layout do módulo "Quarto principal" 12,2m x 4,9m 
e medições para orçamentar 
a estrutura de aço e as portas/janelas

Medições para orçamentar as paredes 
de tabuas de madeira (cryptomeria)
 Parede 1

Paredes 2 & 4

Parede 3

All the structural inside walls and most of the furnitures will be built using euro pallets.

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All these seen so far are simple renderings, 
to help visualize the interiors flavor
imagine to throw into a blender 
all the pictures you find at the link here below,

the result will be very much like 
what I have in mind for this project.
They call it "Rustic chic", I will add a funky twist.

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